Poem about love, dreams coming true, marriage, and life.

Everyday I look at you

And relize allmydreams are coming true

Not a day goes by

That I don’t smile and wanna fly

Everytime I think of us as a family

I feel so happy and know this is where I’m meant to be

You never make me sad or cry

You never start a stupid fight or tell a lie

We are ment to be

Forever and always, for the world to see

When I say I do and take your last name

I’ll remember the day you came along with open arms

I’ll remember the first smiles and charms

I’ll remember the first hug

And my little bug

That took right to you

And fromthen on, I’ll remember the first I love you and I love you too

The first night we spent together

How we just knew

We were ment for forever

From that night

We coulnd’t be apart, never had a fight

I’ll remember every kiss and how it felt

And every hug and the way you make me melt

You are my other half, My Soul Mate

And I know it truely was fate!

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