Things I think at night.

just a little tired
and may be a little stress out
thinking of all these weird things
that don’t let me go to sleep.

Such as; the sun and the moon,
all those starts, and why all those planets
on Big Foot and the aliens,
on ghost and trolls,
do they have a green face?
life and death,
are we going to have an answer one day?
on the earth, GO GREEN!
politics and government and its wars
when are they going to stop?!
on the cancer and AIDS
now even that famous “Swan flue”
why is there in the world so much….
S…aturday morning gotta take garbage out !
that’s where are this problems belong
they got to leave me alone!
and that husband of mine
leaves with his friends every night…

I turn to see my alarm
I saw the time it was
I come to realize
I was wondering all night. !

Liked it
  • Milton H Peebles III on Aug 20, 2009

    Goodness! What a night.

    Take Care, DreamSweet and Let Your Heart Shine
    ~ milty

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