Wrote this today..i miss logan.

im sorry for the pain

but please know this

im going insain from all the distance

been so long since i could look in those blue eyes

the ones that held my breath

each time they met mine

to kiss your lips

and feel the way we used to

i would give anything

i wonder what to do

been so long

each night so cold

and i stare at my phone

text after text

call after call

but none from you

so they dont matter

no one can replace you

and i wonder if you think of me

am i not even a memory…

has the pain left you bitter

was i just a waste of time

or do you know

i love you

not a day goes by that

i dont think of what we were

your smile

it brings joy to my soul

your pain

id take it all away

if only i could

i would give you the world

on a secound chance

one more shot

to fix what i broke

would of given you that chance

the one you deserved

but i didnt deserve you

and thats why your not mine now

but im sorry

i hope these words mean a thing to you

i know you left me broken

bleeding on the floor

because you were sick of holding me up

putting the pieces of my shattered heart

back together once more

and again and again was my down fall

a lost cause

is what i became

but time has past

and i have listened

to your words

as they repeated in my mind

and i know you loved me

i just didnt seem to care

enough at that time

when care was needed the most

when you poured so much effort into

making a love to last forever

and i just didnt give you that back

even though we both know

i really honestly did want you


well you are far from here

and forgotten is my promise

i know this one for sure

time and distance

mean little to love

but our love  is dead

dead before it had a chance to live…

im sorry though

for the pain

and please know this

id take it all back

in a heartbeart

if i could

believe me

i would

but i cant

our love story

it reads as is

such a tale

with a tragic end

Liked it
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