A poem about immigration.

How does it feel to be thrown into the unknown?
What is it like to leave everything behind?
And to start a new life all over again?

The life of new culture, new language, new everything.
Is it strange? Is it scary? Is it worrisome?My family has the answer for me.

My Relatives are immigrants, I am not,
I asked my family of what America they thought.

I asked my uncle, grandpa, mom, and dad,
About the emotions in America they had.

My uncle said, “In America we sensed a lot of frustration and fear,
But still the best place to be is here.”

Grandpa replied, “America seemed full of unity,
With places to see and so much opportunity.”

My mom answered, “I felt a free land,
Everyone helping each other and lending a hand.”

Dad returned, “I had a great experience of unsureness when coming here,
Yet everyone in America is encouraging and sincere.”

This is how my family felt when they crossed the ocean,
Like birds to the free land of America, filled with emotion.

It was a place of new land and new hope for them.
My family now lives in a country with freedoms.
The freedoms they didn’t have in the country from which they came.

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