In remembrance of 9/11.

   It was a warm summer morning, and the sky was a clear blue.

However, soon this would not be true.


It seemed to play out before my eyes as though,

someone was making time agonizingly slow.


                I stood there solemnly, transfixed at what I was viewing,

before I knew what I was doing.


The sky turned dark with smoke as the first tower fell,

                                                         and I knew it would not end well.  


I started bounding ahead towards the burning, breaking building,

but the police were extremely yielding. 


I knew not, what to do,

So I prayed, “Dear God, don’t let this nightmare become true.”


Then the second tower followed the first,

and the people became dispersed. 


                                     In the ruble we searched all night, and did not stop with the morning’s light.

I did not care that I was off duty,

For all I wanted to recover was the beauty.


The beauty of men rescuing fellow Americans,

and yet many children still became orphans.


We are still Americans, that will fight back,

yellow, red, white, and black.


  Even though it was a horrid day,

people fearfully fell forth to reverently pray.


America became stronger,

so we can stand up longer.



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