There was a time when we talked in hushed whispers

behind the bushes; endeavoring our best to camouflage

our bodies from the extraneous world,

While today we sat closely beside each other under

brilliant daylight; entwining our palms formidably

against each other; blatantly in the midst of the

bustling streets.

There was a time when we waited for marathon hours to

meet; anxiously anticipating the sun to set down in

the hills before we started for our clandestine


While today we spent each moment together; with our

breaths drifting down passionately without the

slightest of synchronized control.

There was a time when we painstakingly craved to hear

each others voices; trying to frantically search our memory as far as possible to salvage the last word we


While today we indefatigably talked till our tongues

ached; conversed about the weirdest topics in this

world; our eyes locked immortally with each other.

There was a time when we cordially smiled in front of

the society; to depict that we were nothing else but

good friends of after school,

While today we laughed to our hearts content

philandering euphorically through the labyrinth of

mystical valleys; leaving the civilized planet

forever; well behind our times.

There was a time when we yearned to see all rays

relinquish completely in our dwellings; so that we

could surreptitiously meet and sight each other for a

short while under milky moonbeams,

While today we admired each other to the most

unprecedented capacity of our minds; in tenaciously

fiery and flamboyant full house lights.

There was a time when we witnessed each other with

stooping eyes; profoundly mortified by each others

presence in front of our revered elders,

While today we danced in ebullient energy even after

midnight; with our lids incorrigibly refusing to bat

the tiniest; gazing wide open till unsurpassable


There was a time when we ate our food in separate

plates; ardently remembering each other; with tears

welling up in our eyes as we nostalgically reminisced

our playful times,

While today we fed each other with our own hands; sat

at whisker length distances with our lips profusely

intermingled; entirely oblivious to the unfurling of

rapid time.

There was a time when we were petrified to see to each

other without prior permissions; as we knew that the

ramifications of that could be punishment upto the

highest decree,

While today we waved at everybody on the roads with

uninhibited freedom; audaciously proclaiming to the

world the tales of our invincible romance. And there was a time when we had newly met; said “I

Love you” to each other; were groping to find our

veritable places; blend with the Herculean struggle to

blissfully survive in this colossal globe,

While today we had just tied the nuptial thread;

bonding our mind; body; soul for centuries immemorial;

drifting in a world wholesomely of our own; in the

realms of sacrosanct marriage…

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