India remains one of the largest unified and most diversified country in the world. It stands out with its many ethnic groups, languages, and religions that worship over 3-hundred million gods and goddesses.

India is a country 

In southern Asia

On the Indian subcontinent 

With a population

Of little over one billion people

- – -

Its capital is New Delhi

English and Hindi

Are recognized

As official languages

So are some 14 others

In different regions

- – -

It’s the only country 

In the world 

With so many religions

That range from Hindus

Islam, Christianity



Over 3-hundred million

Gods and goddesses

- – -

Most Indians lived 

In extended families

Fathers, mothers, sons

Sisters, uncles 

And aunts

With the eldest male

Usually being the head

Of the household

- – -

It has been a tradition

For marriages

To be arranged 

For most women 

By their parents

That accept dowries

Image via Wikipedia

Image via Wikipedia

As part of the negotiations

- – -

Indian food has been influenced

By numerous past civilizations 

And is usually spicy

In the North and South

- – -

Women wear colorful saris

That they drape over their bodies

In a wide variety of styles

In Gujarat and Rajasthan

Their skirts that are fashionable

Are called lehenge

Along with their bodice

Known as choli

- – -

Ancient monuments

Like the Taj Mahal, Humayun’s Tomb

Konark Temple, Fatehpur Sikri

And Qutub Minar reflect

The diversity of India’s historic past

- – - 

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  • Aroosa Hermosa on Oct 9, 2011

    Wow I thought I was rambling in India by reading this.Wondewful

  • Aroosa Hermosa on Oct 9, 2011

    Wow I thought I was rambling in India by reading this.Wonderful

  • papaleng on Oct 9, 2011

    Well done lesson about India. Surprised to know that India has more than 300 million gods and goddesses.

  • ogee77 on Oct 9, 2011

    Beautifully expressed! Proud to be an Indian! :)

  • foxpete88 on Oct 9, 2011

    nice share..thanks

  • Lucky Star on Oct 9, 2011

    like it

  • binyumanyun on Oct 9, 2011

    Good one..

  • realityspeaks on Oct 9, 2011


  • wonder on Oct 9, 2011

    300 millions gods! oh god! A great description in minimum words.

  • Ruby Hawk on Oct 9, 2011

    India sounds like a very diversified country and I like that there are so many religions, In that way, no one religion can lord it over anyone else.

  • CA Johnson on Oct 9, 2011

    I really liked your poem. Your poem gave us an excellent idea of what it is like in India. I had no idea that there were so many people there.

  • SharifaMcFarlane on Oct 9, 2011

    Very informative.

  • Nxwtypx on Oct 9, 2011

    India’s a gorgeous place.

  • LCM Linda on Oct 9, 2011

    Glad to learn more about India. It’s a wonderful place.

  • Tulan on Oct 9, 2011

    thanks for all the interesting information about India.

  • Phoenix Montoya on Oct 9, 2011

    So sad that marriage is still arranged there. Wonderful info within a poem.

  • Eunice Tan on Oct 9, 2011

    My country has diversity too. Unity it the certain thing we need.

  • lapasan on Oct 10, 2011

    India and the USA are the countries that show to the world that there is unity in diversity.

  • Martin Kloess on Oct 10, 2011


  • Christine Ramsay on Oct 10, 2011

    I love the insight this poem gives into the beautiful country of India.

  • aheed411 on Oct 10, 2011

    Exciting Thanks for the info useful

  • Edumate on Oct 11, 2011

    Very informative . Nice share :)

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