A free verse poem.

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Below the line of demarcation

Lies a bucket of blood,

Dripping from the wounds

Of our lives.

Scars may disappear, or not,

Memories haunt us,

Lest we forget the things

We most likely regret.

The raven sits, does not sing,

On a post where troubles lie,

Granting a wish if you abide

By the curse of an evil spy.

Take away the past, you say,

That can never be done,

Scrape the marrow from the bone,

Boil it in a pot to eat a meal.

Swiftly justice swoops to nab

Karma that sweeps up the dust

From a sandstorm of mistakes

That swirls where we started to pray.

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  • hfj on Oct 19, 2009

    Nice poem Will. We can’t do anything about our past except to ask forgiveness, and to try harder in the future to be the best that we can possibly be. The poem had a lot of meaning and advice. Well done my friend.

  • lillyrose on Oct 19, 2009

    Great poem, lots of to sort through and sort out!

  • ceegirl on Oct 19, 2009

    Nice poem

  • Goodselfme on Oct 19, 2009

    The grandeur of your words express the messages well.

  • cutedrishti8 on Oct 19, 2009

    Nice poem to share..

  • fishfry aka Elizabeth Figueroa on Oct 19, 2009

    Put the past behind, and look to a brighter future. The past are lessons that have been learned, so we prepared for the future.
    Like the Poem

  • Poetic Enigma on Oct 19, 2009

    Very well expressed piece, and so well written!
    Thank you for sharing (:

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