Nowadays adultery is widespread up to international level. It’s the origin of separation and divorce. A broken family has it unavoidably in a fascinating way.

Adultery is an act committed by a married man or woman by giving his or her full consent to the act of sexual intercourse. It again should be done secretly without taking consent in prior to his or her spouse. In other words it is a sexual theft. The symptoms of adultery are varied however can be detected by the following 40 signs of woman and 12 signs of man.

In the case of a wife:

1. Her lips will drip honey, and will talk in smoother than oil; but in the end will speak bitter
as gall, sharp as a double-edged sword.
2. Her feet will go down to death and demand a life free from her husband.
3. The steps will lead straight to the grave and will shout her husband leave home.
4. She will give no thought to the way of life; her paths wander aimlessly.
5. She will not listen to her husband, instead will show bad behavior.
6. She will keep to a path far from her husband; will not go near her husband.
7. She will lose her dignity and will be cruel for woman empowerment.
8. She lest strangers feast on her wealth and her toil enriches the house of another.
9. She will groan every day, when her flesh and body are spent, rejecting male domination
in the family and will cry for separation and then divorce.
10. She will hate discipline; her heart will spurn correction, disagreeing to sleep with her
11. She will not obey her husband or turn her ear to her in laws or show ills.
12. She will not care her breasts in front of her boy friend telling him she doesn’t want to be
a bedroom wife.
13. She will intoxicate with her love her secret lover, telling her husband too weak.
14. She will embrace the bosom of her wayward man, “I love you very much.”
15. Her ways are against the way of God as instructed in the Scriptures.
16. She will follow evil deeds of the wicked lover and will insult her husband.
17. She will not understand what discipline is and will live by her own great folly.
18. She will go to the neighbor’s wife and talk in smooth of a talented one not of a
19. She will lust in her heart after her beauty or let her captivate him with her eyes.
20. She will become just like a prostitute can be had for a loaf of bread.
21. She can sleep for a while with another woman’s husband or a youth single.
22. She will try not to sleep with her own husband when he returns her.
23. She will take more importance her adulterer as he like a thief steals to satisfy her hunger
when she is starving.
24. She will use her body in adultery as revenge to her husband.
25. She will go out with him in the dress to lust her boyfriend like a prostitute.
26. She will try to go outside all the time unruly and defiant with another woman.
27. Her feet never stay at home but in somewhere her mind rest without husband.
28. She will take hold of the adulterer and kiss him with a brazen face.
29. She will smile and speak to fulfill her vows, and will feed his bosom friend.
30. She will try to meet him daily by any means and will plan for it.
31. She will cover her bed with colored linens in the absence of her husband.
32. She will perfume her body with lotions and other scents to attract boyfriend.
33. She will enjoy him with love telling her husband is many years older than her.
34. She will let him known her husband is in a foreign country for a year journey.
35. She will say to him her husband will inform her before he returns to her.
36. She will use persuasive words to lead him astray and will seduce him.
37. She will destroy her house with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.
38. She will scold her husband as a man who had no sense and an unfit one.
39. She will demand from her husband the status of an independent wife.
40. She will eat and wipes her mouth and will say, ‘I’ve done nothing wrong.’

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