I am discussing the scams and what damage they do.

The internet has become a large playground for anyone..
who has something that they want organized. We can do..
just about anything, and this is what this blog is about. I..
am going to focus on doing any kind of shopping on the..
internet. This is where you can find most of the cyber..
crime. I had recently been doing research on how the inter-..
net is being used to rob banks with the help of the comput-..
er. My bank account has been raided so many times, even..
after closing accounts, and changing banks. As soon as you..
want to do business on the internet, you have to be careful..
who you do business with. I have found one new way that..
these criminals are raiding bank accounts without authoriz-..
ing the transaction. The banks wont help you either be-..
cause they make a bundle in fees on overdrafts if the..
account does not have the funds to cover the ACH. And if..
the account has enough funds then they raid your account,..
and the bank hands it over to them. And if you are lucky to..
find out about the unauthorized ACH in time the bank..
wants to charge you around $25 to put a block on the..
scammers. Either way, you are the loser in these transac-..
tions. Now you are thinking, how can I do any business on..
the internet and not have any protection from abuse. And if..
you plan on sending a check, to pay for goods or services,..
then you are setting yourself up again for scammers. Here..
is how this works, you send a check to some business that..
may be on the up and up, or maybe not, and your check..
account number and routing number are in their hands. Af-..
ter the check clears and they send you what you paid for,..
the numbers are either sold to some scam list, or they use..
the numbers to keep charging your bank account for more..
By Crusher..

Monthly recurring withdrawals. Once your numbers are..
out there in cyberspace it’s anyone’s open bank account…
This information wont help you now if you already got..
into the web, but maybe I can help you there too. I will..
give you all the information that I can dig up about,..
what website’s are noted for these scams, and ways to do..
damage control. I am working on ebooks now and will be..
selling them soon. I only deal with PayPal pay systems that..
are somewhat good provider of payment systems. These..
Ebooks are very informative and up to date, and will have..
an option to buy updates every month in a news letter. I am..
not trying to put anyone out of business, but if they are us-..
ing these scams to increase their bottom line, then they had..
better find a fair and leagle way to do it. I am just so an-..
gered that these criminals took to the internet to scam the..
poor and helpless. And even overseas operations are harder..
to catch but are allowed to do business online. They have..
to be stopped and the sooner the better. I am trying to get..
my business in the mainstream and need all the people to..
keep getting my links out in the open. Other sites that post..
about the scams on the internet stop short after complain-..
ing about scams. They don’t teach, they don’t help catch..
them, they don’t help get your fees returned, and they..
don’t wont get involved. Even the BBB stops short after..
the complaints are filed, they wont do anything but list the..
scammers on the website. Here is where I will continue the..
investigation. I am sorry to have to charge for my services..
but as you know research is very exhausting and takes up a..
lot of time. And sometimes you have to pay fees to data..
banks to be able to get information on these businesses,..
and the investigative programs that are needed to get the..
job done are not cheap either, but I have bought several..
programs to do this already to be able to my own investiga-..
Thank you for your time, and hope to help you soon…

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