There are those, who think that you can make justice for yourself and then for others. There are those, who use their knowledge of the judicial system to impose themselves. There are those who like to keep secret the codes of conducts with regards to justice and it is for example like the story of Heidi, where she as a young girl is raised by her grandfather.

You do not know,

what good thing,

you are doing now,

but you it is one thing.

You know we live in one world,

and it is this one,

to tell you about where in the world,

you can find the one.

So, that is it,

you can look up or down,

it depends on it,

and on how you are down.

Some things are yours,

and others are not,

just as you know yours,

because we were not.

It takes time to heal from oppression,

especially when you know,

what is used in the oppression,

and it takes to know.

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