Realization in a man’s life.

A day I knew when I realized

Why need I hear- words of fake

For a job I’m declined, penalized

For it was my own mistake

Those were- the days of my boyhood

When unacknowledged that I was at stake

Left off the path my elders would

And it was my own mistake

I do remember the days of my youth

When I ne’er heard my own conscience

And went by the way for golden tooth

My comrades led. Alas! Unknown of what science

And thus they drowned me in trouble’s lake

Finally I got to mind their ill signs

None but, it was my own mistake

It reminds me- the time of school & colleges

The grief I bear; I ignored my elders

Who spoke the philosophies of all ages

And now a young leaf that soon withers

And it is the confession again I make

That it was my own mistake

Though my mistakes I do realize now

Let not me waste my time them about

And thus learn from them dwelling is how

And not repeat with that I’ve fought

And shall in further ne’er be at stake

And shall ne’er say or on myself doubt

That it was my own mistake.

Liked it
  • kirti on Sep 6, 2011

    wow a good one

  • Uma Shankari on Sep 6, 2011

    Good one. Learning from mistakes in itself is a great trait.

  • CHIPMUNK on Sep 17, 2011

    a way to learn

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