A poem about faith and trust in God.

God’s timing is not mine

I fear losing my mind

As I wait for His decision

It is not up to me to question

For God knows what’s best

As always it’s a test

Will I pass or fail

I feel every inch of that nail

God’s Son took my sin

It’s up to me to look to Him

My mind obsesses about fear

If I’d only let go to know He’s near

God will always hold the key

To His Son who sets me free

And to that mansion of mine up there

That I will own in time that’s fair

God only asks of me to pray

Look to the cross for salvation today

I might not have another second

To accept Christ and be reckoned

God holds me to my belief

In Jesus Christ to my relief

So in prayer I relinquish my obsession

For it’s not up to me to question

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