Time to let go….

It’s so easy to turn around and walk away,

To leave everything we were.

There was so much left unsaid.

Do you ever think about me and what we had?

You constantly cross my mind.

There was so much more that could have been.

Now its just fading into nothing.

I wonder if I ever cross your mind.

Like you do mine.

Its just so very sad to say its too late.

That its all over.

To say goodbye.

So final.

I try to hold the memories in my head,

And not let go.

But its time,

And its not easy.

The pain that catches your heart,

And squeezes until you can’t catch your breath.

I close my eyes and see you.

The existence that was you and me.

The life that we built,

That crumpled into a little ball.

Yes, its so easy to walk away.

At least it was for you.

I wipe the tears away.

Stand up and turn my back,

And in my mind keep repeating,

Its so easy,

Its so easy,

Its so easy.

But its not.

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