A poem dedicated to a beautiful,sweet to the bones Serbian lady.

I woke up in a fantasy dream

on a Large rock by the sea side

and everything seems to be in black and white to what i see

and my sorrounding was lonely and sad

while looking out of space with wine bottle at my feet, a rose and a large basket of chocolates plus sandwiches

suddenly i heard a big splash in the water from a distance

i taught it was a whale or a dolphin

i see nothing so i put my head towards the sky in feeling of loneliness

then the next second i saw a beauty from out of the crystal tropical looking water

in cute bikini with wet beautiful curly hair and eyes of a goddess and body looking so divine

i watched by the distance as she approaches me witha simple cute smile

sat right beside me and look straight into my eyes for atleast 30 seconds

then look on me from head to toe admiring the sheen of my smooth chocolate skin tone then just said


waaow my heart melted like cheese in a microwave from hell

then i said sexy whats your name baby

she replied and  said Ivona stankovic in a sexy european voice

then she said can we eat together then i said sure sexy

the atmosphere was beautiful and colourful with this beauty at my side

while we drink wine and eat the chocolates and slices of sandwiches

we played in the water,catch some small crabs and shell and cuddlled a little to beauty of the sunshine

she hold my hand then told me to close my eyes

and as we opened them we were in the jamaican tropics (negril)

chilling and dancing to the sweet reagge and dancehall music

then picked some coconuts and ackee of the trees

and cooked a sweet pot of delicacy undera lignum vitae

oh what i wonderful time i spent with ivona stankovic the beautiful lady

just to find out when i woke up it was all a sweet dream

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