Jealousy can have a funny effect on some people.

He stood upon the parapet

Tittering on the ledge

Giggling to himself

And shuffling closer to the edge

For seven storeys down below

His wife and lover stood

He knew what they were up to

And it surely wasn’t good

Chuckling to himself, and

Moving slowly to the verge

The anger burning deeply, and

It fired the deadly urge

Laughing like a loony

Leaping headlong from his roost

Madly flapping arms to give

His fall an added boost

“Your smiling now you rotten cow

You won’t find this so funny

I’d rather die than let you try

To get hold of my money”

Half way down toward the ground

His progress slowly halted

That crazy grin turned awful thin

He thought his plan was thwarted

His braces caught the flag pole

And it hindered his descent

He hovered for a moment

And then flying up he went

Bouncing up and bouncing down

Till finally it stopped

He smiled a rueful smile, and then

His trouser buttons popped

Continuing his journey

As he hurtled earthward bound

His wife and lover sidestepped

And he crashed into the ground

Laughing like a drain he seemed

To find it awfully funny

Though nearly dead he turned and said

“I really missed you honey”

Liked it
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