John Milton wrote Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. After he died, his soul looked all around like a baby crying for the mother for seven days. The guardian angels took his soul to a world as per his belief patterns in after life. He was dumbfounded to see and find nothing as he believed or taught in his flesh. Every thing is different after death. The guardian angels took care of his doubts.

These are the few things I learned from you kids

I do not know what you have learned from skids

It is not fair for you to fight with flesh lings

As incarnates, witches, gurus and bigwings

I see for sure you will lose and Ephraim succeeds

Even if you incarnate and fake his sons and seeds

Your forty days are our four hundred years

Your test, our renaissance in literal spheres

Human pace of learning is different whether slow or fast

You seem to be fast thinkers and losers in this unfair test;

We believe in anything told but you have to follow up

Without which we stop believing even in facts we sup

Look into our religio, political and social histories

And see the spurns, stops, missions and mysteries

Some are gone without reaching regions remote

Like the aftermath leaving the fittest to promote

What is applauded today will be forgotten in the morrow;

What’s denied today may become famous in another row

JM completed his teaching classes

And went to buy foresight glasses;

Mephistopheles took JM to a smuggled goods mall

JM got the right glasses; they came to a picture hall

Ate archeological snacks and watched ancient mariner

Returned to Dr. Faustus’ palace; enjoyed spicy dinner

Both opened their hearts and sought for rapports

Between baby falls and humans in all life sports

We thought that the fallen ones brought evil to us

And thereby humans became born sinners to lose

All heavenly access

Forever in a process

That required Him to become avatar to save

From your hell, fighting with falls and pave

Road to heaven again

To a life without pain

And who believes not in His avatar’ gain

Will die in hell living in everlasting pain;

This is what our coreligions hammered

I too dived in such belief lake rumored

In all my life I was timorous of you

Trying to avoid your entire evil cue

Now I know that, you are only different

And our freewill has both ends on front

I see what you mean said Mephistopheles relaxingly

We too have difficulties in knowing humans usually

As we can not see you but feel the thinking images;

Let me show you how we muddled the old colleges

Scene 21: JM saw the future history

Mephistopheles brought some more news channels and showed the ancient histories. JM began to understand the ins and outs of hell dignitaries. JM admitted that he cannot give them any practical suggestions because they are angels and he is human.

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