John Milton wrote Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. After he died, his soul looked all around like a baby crying for the mother for seven days. The guardian angels took his soul to a world as per his belief patterns in after life. He was dumbfounded to see and find nothing as he believed or taught in his flesh. Every thing is different after death. The guardian angels took care of his doubts.

They patted and dogged him to leave all the past

They dropped JM and Mephistopheles at Dr. Faustus’ Place

Mephistopheles cooked dinner as JM looked for provenance

The baby falls are less-angelic and androgens

That can enter into fleshly bodies as denizens

They were looked down by all fallen angels as hellborns

Stationed on earth to possess and refill dusty body barns

With hell designated teaching

And deified Avatar preaching

They knock at human mind’s bell

And enter if invited by host’s will

The good angels protect free willed flesh

While the baby falls tempt to follow lush

Human freewill experiences circular logos within

And finally gives in to will or evil at lines so thin

The baby falls obeyed their fathers and walked for them

Paved ways in all nations to lead Israel astray from Him

No matter what they did, humans behaved with sanity

Acted with their freewills and protected the humanity

For a while they taught double tongued logos alogos cocktail

One said honor thy parents, other one said hate them in detail

One said, vie for timocracy

Other said, hail democracy

Another said, hate neighbor and love enemy

Other said, greet the poor and hate economy

One said, I am from above and you are from beneath

Another said, you and I are not of this world’s breath

One said, I come quickly like Saturn with tumbrel and song

Another said, I know not the day or when I return headlong

One said, believe my father, he is greater than me amorous

Another said, believe in me as he and I are one in Cerberus

One said, I came with bloody sword

Other said, I grant my peace reward

One said, beware of the miracles

Others said, believe my miracles

Altogether they infused confusion in common mind

To prove their avatar guru hoods in disciples behind

Inside disciples knew their gurus’ akitu plots

Outsiders followed the mob to gained ballots

One guru’s fans killed another gugguru successful

To claim all power on earth and in heaven colorful

If someone knows their secret akitu preplans fulfilled

They stab, hang, fell and open guts in their town field

All are self confused masters and confusers

Fake anointed god-men breeders and losers

In the meantime the baby falls fell in love with human dignity

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