John Milton wrote Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. After he died, his soul looked all around like a baby crying for the mother for seven days. The guardian angels took his soul to a world as per his belief patterns in after life. He was dumbfounded to see and find nothing as he believed or taught in his flesh. Every thing is different after death. The guardian angels took care of his doubts.

* * * * * *

Alert all passers! Fally 616 to Pandemonium            

Better proceed to gate 666, with ellipsis sum            

Call final to JM oh human!

Died yet rising son of man,     

Enter premium aero corridor

Find thy seat, ‘aisle splendor

Girdle your self with armor goods

Hold thy peace, see these shoulds!

Beware of bloody suicidal threats!

Borrow no muddy news from rats

Mind your own hell business

Enjoy infly show snacks plus

Welcome aboard, be ready to fall

Fasten the faith belts, stick to call

It’s the entire mental trip

JM grasped his final grip

What a difference between angels and flesh gains,

With pains, stains and all pretty experiential reins!

JM praised the creator of his typical kind

For thrice packaged soul, body and mind

Only less than God, not than angels

As traitor translators’ wanton spells

JM tried to relax from his self;

Changed the subject to engulf

Afterlife first time hell trip stress;

Rang the bell, for Airfall Hostess

Are there any human co-passers?

Doubted JM to find wellwishers

The hostess smiled, checked the list;

Pointed to one in Baal persona twist,

JM waited for his peer

To greeting with cheer

The bearded chap is in meditating ambiance

As if, the whole hell was at his maintenance;

Groaning off and on like King David for his beloved rebel son

Or his favorite Baal pleading to avoid the suffering cup in vain

JM wondered to see him in Baal’s attire and thought,

Where he is from and what for is he going this night

Is it, to make up captivity itself a captive again?

With gifts to his fans or to foster his body slain?

Who the hell is this guy anyway?

My favorite Baal or merely clay!

JM began to losing patience;

Turned his face from glance

Scene 2: Mephistopheles in guise of Baal as co-flier

JM looked around to see if there are any human souls traveling to Pandemonium. JM suddenly saw a young man in the likeness of his favorite Baal. He smiled and tried to open conversation with him. The young man in the likeness of Baal came to him and sat at the window side next to him. When he greeted, JM heard his voice and recognized him as Mephistopheles in the guise of his favorite Baal. As the sponsor, Mephistopheles explained his itinerary and the fixed programs in his three days’ hell visit in detail. Mephistopheles hinted JM about kids’ plan of rebellion. They want to live independently by creating hell within hell.

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