John Milton wrote Paradise Lost and Paradise Regained. After he died, his soul looked all around like a baby crying for the mother for seven days. The guardian angels took his soul to a world as per his belief patterns in after life. He was dumbfounded to see and find nothing as he believed or taught in his flesh. Every thing is different after death. The guardian angels took care of his doubts.

From aleph beths to cosmic peace covenant good deeds

Ephraim served as His instrument in His tent title deeds

Foundation stones should never show up for beautifications

Like colorful walls, painted roofs and high tower elevations

Everyone takes adequate responsibility,

Rulers or the ruled with ones capability

Horites assembled experiments with gradational society

But suffered with ladder sickness and selfboastful piety;

And postponed promises to after life guesses

And injected unwilling slave mind in masses

The angelic worlds also studied their sickly lessons

And sowed those ideals in hell’s only begotten sons

That they were born to always serve the triune fathers divine;

That’s the only purpose of the androgen lives in hell’s shrine

As per these monstrous genes

All cattle, bird and fish means

Servants of humans in Horite cultural translation tool

Ephraim taught the true meaning of the very term rule

As care taking of all living creatures

Irrespective of perceptional features

Man is entrusted to take care of all creatures

Ephraim begged Him for peace with natures

Of individuals, families, societies and nations

‘Freewill yes but freedom no’ sort of relations

Of all inter cosmic freewill life patterns known

And unknown forms yet to be found or unborn

Can freewills march together without apposite agreement?

Can agreements fitting be sought among species different?

Scene 26: JM’s last day in Pandemonium

JM spent his final day in hell. He argued about human position and ‘freewill yes but freedom no’ status. He did not want the angels to test the humans. Fallen angels are freewilled beings. They created kids as androgens. They served among the humans and learned human ways and wanted independent hell within hell.

Ephraim gave his proposals to the creator. And the creator accepted to make covenants with all beings of all words through Ephraim. All beings agreed to make peace covenants and live happily in their own worlds worshiping their own gods.

Ephraim and his children worked for the cosmic peace. The humans began to make covenants within themselves and with others. There was peace in the world and everyone lived independently. The kids became independent and became friends with the humans through covenants. JM reported everything to his world inmates. He finally got promoted and joined the cosmic peace covenant promoters group. All his flesh experience, his linguistic talents helped him to reach diverse spirit worlds.

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