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Classroom Teasers

Education has led to innovation and pupils have gotten bright enough to work around their home work. Check out these well answered questions:-

Teacher: Sheryl, how can you tell an old man in a nudist camp?

Sheryl: It is not hard.

Teacher: What is black and white and is

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Pupil: A newspaper.

Teacher: What do you call a curious looking policeman on a tree James?

James: Special branch.

Teacher: What do you call a fly without wings Betty

Betty: A walk.

Teacher: biologically Animals share various aspects and features. can one tell me what is in front of a woman and at the end of cow?

Pupil: Letter W.

Teacher: What is hard and long, goes in dry and comes out very wet and full of seamen:

Titus: A submarine.

Teacher: What do you get when you divide an head into quarters?

Pupil: Headquarters.

Teacher: How many letters are in Alphabet.

Pupil: Eight.

Teacher: What do you call a fish without an eye?

Larry: Fsh.

Teacher: What is in between you?

Ben: Letter O.

Geography Teacher: Imagine you are on top of the highest mountain in the world and you cannot climb down.What would you do?

Student: Stop dreaming.

Teacher: Why do we all go to bed?

Student; Because the bed can not come to us.

Teacher: What is the use of the skin in a cow Peter?

Peter: To Keep the meat together.

Dump Lawyers and their Wits

You know you are a dump lawyer when you ask dump questions like:-

  1. Please clarify to me this; the youngest son, the twenty one year old, how old is he?
  2. From experience doctor, is it true that when a person dies in his or her sleep they do not know about it till the following day?
  3. Mr George, where there when your picture was taken?
  4. At the time of the incident, were you alone of by yourself?
  5. According to evidence before me, please tell us, was it you or your young sister who was killed during the accident?
  6. One last question Ms Sarah; did he actually kill you?
  7. You have confessed you witnessed the accident, please tell us how far apart were the two cars at the time of the collision.
  8. Mr Williams, how many times have you successfully committed suicide?
  9. I presume you were there until the time you left sir.
  10. Lawyer: You have told us that the date of conception of the baby was May 21st right?

Accused: Yes your honor.

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