Written to remember the life of a dear pet in honor and appreciation for all that she has given, along with feelings I have now and beyond.

She is a canine, but she is more to me.
She has a style and grace, I have seen.
Her attitude sometimes is hard as a rock.
Her love is beyond all as seen by her eyes.
Eyes that speak if you only listen; close,
Her mind is strong though her frame is weak.
Eighteen years old, a century in her life,
These last days that she stands so adoringly,
Shall be remembered, forever, beyond destiny,
Though she now seems grouchy each day more.
I know in my heart that she knows the score.
Her days and nights will end; I know this true.
Her life has been both rich and sad, but brave.
She has only one action, until the end to crave.
Touching of a hand upon her aging silky fur,
These days left to her are pure, to me a daily score.
I give more adoration each day that passes by.
Guilt and compassion is my torment to save.
I linger with a prayer; she goes without much pain.
When she leaves its heartache, I will feel so strong.
Though her life ends here, her journey will go on.

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