Part of the Play Julius Caesar by Shakespeare with a new twist. It’s been translated into Southern American accent.

Julius Caesar Act IV Scene III

Brutus: Guwd reasons take secon place to betta uns

            The fellers between Philippi ‘nd her

            Are nice cus they like me

            We’ll take em from our enemies

            ‘nd take em to face em up at philippi

Cassius: hear me up, guwd brother

Brutus: pardon you, you needa undastand,

Us fellas are the best of friends

We gots ourselves a guwd time,

‘nd if we mess her up now

We’ll lose it all at that philippi

Cassius: Then keep goin’ if that’s whats ya gotta do

Brutus: its to late for this talk,

And about to get stormy

I’ll holla at cha later sir

Cassius: sounds gooda

Brutus: LUCIUS!

(lucius enters)

My gown !

(luicius leaves)

See ya later messala

Bye titinius, and you as well Cassius

Cassius: O good brother

This is a bad night to start

Don’t let our friendship end

Brutus: all is well

Cassius: then I’ll be hollerin’ at ya

Brutus: night brother

Titinius: Night brother

Brutus: Night All

Poor lucius I hope you will pardon me

I’ve keep you up

Yungins’ need to go out an pley

Lucius: yes’ir , Varro, Claudius!

Varro: ya called?

Brutus: sleep in the tent for the night aint good

Varro: thanks sir, and we shall wait for you to wake us to send any message

Brutus: Don’t wait, sleep well , lucius, play me music

Lucius: if ya say so sir

Brutus: I shouldn’t bother you but you play so sweetla

Lucius: I have rested alreada sir

Brutus: Rest again once you play me asleep


This song be a lullaby, g’night boy,

If ya start ta sleep, stop ya playin’

(enter ghost)

What is that?!? Show ya self demon

My eye musta be getting old,

Talk ta me demon

Ghost: I be an evil un brutus

Brutus: why be ya here?

Ghost: I be wantin’ ta fight ya down by that there philippi

Brutus: will I be seein’ ya again?

Ghost: yep you’lla be seein’ me at that philippi

Brutus: Philippi it is then

(exit ghost)

End Scene

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