This is simply a poem about a man that is really affraid to approach a particular girl. He get nervous and sweaty and forget what to say when she is around. The guy has a problem getting up his nerve to tell the girl what he want to say so he just wrote her a poem to say hi.

I just wanted to write you a nice poem just to say hi
Many days I was too shy but wanted you to come by
Your intelligence is on a higher level but mine on fly
When I get up my courage I will give it my best try

So I thought I would write you a poem just to say hi
You are a big part of my thoughts every night and day
When you get dressed up I can’t help but to say my, my
I admire you when you are serious and when you play

That’s is the reason why I want to say hi to you today
Your beauty makes me nervous when you are near me
Sweat pour through my veins and I forget what to say
I just want to take you out to dinner and drink some tea

Again, I just wanted to write a nice poem to just say hi
You are just so classy and I don’t know what to do
I just want to spend time with you and never say bye
If we are ever together I will never want to leave you

Liked it
  • Lucy Lockett on Mar 12, 2007

    Did you know that that feeling is universal and the same for both sexes. I think its sweet and it makes me feel happy to know that those feelings are being beamed across the planet!

  • Tip Crawford on Mar 27, 2007

    Nice and very sweet…it makes me wonder if anyone could feel that way about me on day.

  • R.B. Parsley on Oct 26, 2007

    I think at one time or another we all experience the insecurity you write about here. I don’t think that insecurity ever leavfes us. Great poem. Keep up the good work.

  • jeff on Jan 8, 2009


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