An incidence that has made make mark in our nation.

Kano’s graffiti


Painted on the nation’s wall

With the blood of innocent lives

A Draculian blood flow gated with spitted bones.

Though, this wasn’t his first

He has honours in his archive

‘UN house, police barracks…’

like a baby learning to walk

he has hone the skill o explosive painting


Silence would have dawn on us

If the skulls and the disjointed body’s picture

could escaped our sight

and too feeble to fight for words in our mouth

perhaps, take us out of spot light


but now, we_ a tourist centre for condolence

putting to sleep the serenity of peace

awakening the suspiciousness within us and the foreigner

questioning the more than half a century man on a cradle

if he could stop the  milk?

And fight for his wall.


Though, the craft was well crafted

And artist not seems to be tired.

But he is indebted to memories

Of those, whose paints were used to paint the wall.




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