The writer humbly takes on the theme of the inevitability of doings of
karma, mysterious and strong.

 Karma’s   plight.


She  wrings   the  cloth  of   Karma,

Hangs  it    on  the  cloth  line  of     observation,

Steadfast , the  droplets  of  water   are

Further     squeezed, she  opines    evil  is  gone,

Clips  it   with  the  belief  of   cleansing   karma:

The   gubernatorial     SUN  and  the   rustling

WIND   touch  upon   the   adamant ,

Yet  karma’s  karma  is  too powerful

and   unrestrained ,   it extricates 

and  falls  into   the  sump  to  welter

into  the   quagmire.  She  adjusts   clips.




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