Written by Matrix
Lyrics by: Ken David
Copyright 1985
BMI Schitzo Music LTD. BMI Father & Son.

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Well … They tried to keep us list’nin’ but their music was no different than everything we heard all day.
Then Mom & Papa told me, “Son you got no worry; the tune you’re singin’ is blowin’ us all away!”
Sayin’: “You got to keep us list’nin’, got to keep us list’nin’, I got to keep them list’nin’ OK!
Son you just keep rockin’ & boy your Christmas stockin’ will be filled with Hope & Disarray!”
I gotta keep them list’nin’!!!!!!

If you can keep us dancin’ you’ll know you’ve found the answer, though you must’ve known it all along…
If you can really move me, and get me feelin’ groovy, I’ll know you’ve wrote a brand new song: Ya gotta keep us dancin’!

Like a Corvette at top speed on Highway 95 ….
Like a fire burnin’ out of control…
Like a train that jumped the tracks & kept the kids alive….
Like a loosened boulder out on the roll…
Ya got to keep me movin’!!!!!!!!!!!!

You gotta keep me list’nin’ ’til my dancin’ feet are blisterin’, ears a-ringin’ like an alarm.
You gotta keep me list’nin’ until the music’s over; ‘cuz the music’s never done me no harm!
You gotta keep me list’nin’, gotta keep me list’nin’, gotta keep me list’nin’ all the way.
Just catch my attention with a song you never mentioned & play it over & over agin… Catch my attention!

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