When Kev fixes up his car, hard work is its own reward… sort of.

Kevin’s Car

Kevin’s car was small and green,
It wasn’t quite the best he’d seen,
Still, at least the car would go,
Though just how far he didn’t know,
But Kev was happy and it showed,
He’d get this car fit for the road,
He worked for forty days and nights,
Until at last he got it right,
He worked so hard he thought he’d bust,
Filling gaps, removing rust,
Sanding that and painting this,
There wasn’t a single thing he’d miss,
Until at last the car was green,
And looked just like a new machine,
The roadworthy was A.O.K.,
And Kevin’s car was on its way,
Kev drove it home; it looked like new,
And that was when the engine blew,
Well Kevin thought it such a crime,
All his money, all his time,
The briefest victory, just a taste,
Then everything had gone to waste,
Consumed by loss and by defeat,
He flung himself back in his seat,
And that was when the stuffing tore,
And Kevin gagged at what he saw,
For stuffed within the broken chair,
Were bills of hundreds everywhere,
The smile returned to Kevin’s face,
And soon the engine was replaced,
He felt he’d keep the seat of course,
And one more thing- he bought a Porsche.

David Astley

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