Urdu poem with translation by Dr.Tanvir Hussain Bhatti.


Kisi nay jumbashe lab say hamein figar kar dia

Tora hamara dil, khud ko bhi ashkar kar dia;

(Someone assaulted me with one’s words that broke my heart but also exposed the assaulter.)

Har lafaz tha teer,zehr-e-nab mein bujha huwa

Badan ko zakham zakham,ragon ko tar tar kar dia;

(Every word was like an arrow dipped in hemlock that injured each part of my body and separated its vessels like threads.)

Samjte thhey ham,ham-nawaon ko muhafiz apna

Sar nagon jab howay,to unhi nay war kar dia;

(I considered my companions as my protectors; however, in crisis they also attacked me.)

Sadaf ko nafrat say phhanka,to pinhan gohar nay kaha

Zalam tere be-toqeeri nay hamein shahkar kar dia;

(When a seashell was thrown away with hate, the hidden pearl said, “O’ dim-witted, your dishonor made me everlasting marvel”.)

Wafa ke paikar hein ham,talib-e-wafa hein

Ah!terey bewafai nay hamein, zar zar kar dia;

(I am trustworthy and expect trustworthiness from others; therefore, your breach of trust reduced me to tears.)

Tanvir-e-haq hein ham,tofanon se na bhujein gay

Hamari  rakh hi nay hamein, sharar kar dia.

(My physical texture is like a burning flame which emanates light of truth that cannot be extinguished even with thunderstorms.)

Written By

Dr Tanvir Hussain Bhatti

Freelance International Columnist, Poet,Orator and Author of the Books “What Plagues Pakistan” and “Live Balls of Fire”

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