A poem by Hyper Jake.

Koth’s Love Letter to Chandra

Dear Chandra, I moved
mountains just so I could feel
you but lust is pain

I told my 4/4
friend to attack Jace because
he was on your side

But your rage killed my
minion with your blazing fire
because you love Jace!

Damn it, Chandra! He’s
not your ally. How could you
trust a Mindsculptor?

Yet you forget me?
The one who gave artifacts
to you so your pet

could do metalcraft,
so the phoenix would remind
you that sex revives

We gave birth to the
red symbol -a fetus that
I could produce more

I’d leave Mirrodin,
give you the Mox Ruby just
to see you. Love, Koth

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Liked it
  • makisaad on Dec 13, 2010

    do the same for me

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