Prayers should go up not down I think… isn’t it prayers go up and blessings come down but how far down before they can’t reach you? Lair of Fallen Prayers… as if I have truly prayed before and the only blessings I desire I can never have, ever.

Falling prayers
Like so many tears
A mess everywhere
So many deaf ears
But to think that you can hear me
And what would you say
Who are you really?
If I fell today

How I dare
To want, need, and desire
Just to bear
Such a fire
Not knowing my own soul
Yet heart, body, and mind
Are so very bold
Wanting you as mine

Do I really care?
When I don’t even know why
I think you’re there
Might be you or the feeling
That makes me cry
Am I dealing?
Love’s sacrifice

Not fair
This love for you
Is shared
And so very true
Of others
Want you for myself
There could never be another
You and no one else

And I’m scared
Such is my fear
Choosing my Hell
Thinking someday you’ll hear
No you won’t
My angel you’re up there
I’m down with more to go
Another fallen prayer

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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