Last for Him.

Last for Him

Tonight the sky cried
Tonight’s cheeks wet with tears pobud
See which star is gone
See the moon was not there too,

Tears that fall
Heart of darkness because there was no light of your love
These eyes could never again enjoy your beautiful smile
Power is not used anymore to protect you

The dream would have you deleted
Besides dreams will be lost
The dream of eternal love has drowned
The dream of one heart with you dashed

God gave me one piece of liver
God gave you one piece of liver
Why God did not unite his
Why did not God let me gluing my heart and your heart

I know this love is unrequited
I know this love could unite
I know you have feelings with others
I know love is not sanctioned

The explanation for the explanation I received
sincere and sincerely hold that knowledge I keep planting
My heart wants to continue fighting for all this rout
But I do not want to make you more constrained

Will try again and again I took off love
I’ll try to deem we’re just friends
I’ll try to forget it all means
But let this be a ylang is all beautiful to me and you

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