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Legendary Loneliness

“When things that mean a lot in your life start to fall away you never know where to turn to, what to do or how to cope with it. You jst feel that the world is closing in on you and feel like disappearing. That happens when you lose the people whom you trust and the sources of inspirations of your whole being at the same time. Getting crushed from all four directions of life only creates a a void of loneliness, desolation and despair and no one hears a cry for help until that cry finally disappears from the face of the planet.

That is when stories begin in the chapters of HIStory, “There was a man….” . You then become a legend in your name, although you never appreciate it as your creation ceases to exist….  “  

Legendary Inspiration:

“Sometimes in life, it take a mortal to become the source of inspiration to weave magic around that ulimately becomes serene and beautiful to onlookers’ eyes. But what happens if the inspiration starts to fall apart due to mistaken judgements from their side. The one who is inspired disappears into Oblivion becoming a mirage in the vast landscape of what once was only to be discovered a lot later and their source of inspiration becomes legendary forever.

If you are a source of inspiration be proud of it rather than pushing it away, for when you really realise how much you are worth to a life, it may be a little too late. Its not the look and touch that matters but the person that you despite all odds. “

Fame and Fortune:

Sometimes, some people embrace fame and fortune just to make a point to show the world how much their source of inspiration really meant to them. It is that quest to get their approval that propels them forward and the accumulation of the fame and fortune don’t matter to them when there is emptiness within their heart. Sometimes all they need is love and a few kind words to go forward else they perish into the Sands of Time resounding the echos of love of the world and the sound of silence from the one they really want appreciation from.

Hope the Above explains the meaning:

Perhaps the wind beneath the wings play a part,
Don’t know where the tale should start.
The one whom I call my inspiration,
Thinks me to be their exasperation.
For the elements of imagination are all but one above,
The that is real is with moves so suave.
I don’t care about fortune or fame,
Spreading the word is my game.
But without the ones who believe in me,
I cannot write or express myself freely…

By Anisha Achankunju (C) 2nd November 2010

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  • albert1jemi on Nov 1, 2010

    great share

  • Nykesha Alexandra on Nov 1, 2010

    Wow greatly written one. Keep it up!

  • jamesII on Nov 1, 2010

    I imagine better is left up to better! Better will push or pull, give or take–grant or deny–at least that is the message you are trying to convey. Still. I imagine–ignorance is ignroance, too!

  • Aiyanna on Nov 2, 2010

    Its more a mention of how a very famous personality felt during his last years of his life…
    The last one on Fame and Fortune is a concept lift-off from his own autobiography as to why he strove to become a legend…

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