Now I know this isn’t Candid Camera; so many have said that this type of media is wrong and to think I wish to make it my life’s work. Lens… for these two eyes have never seen love, lust, or a willing girl, but the lens has seen and will see… Ballade.

Seeing is believing
Or it is for me
What once was a dream
To make some girl scream
Dare you call it a sin?
Lust is a need
Seeing is believing… behind the lens

Wanting and needing
How they want to see
Girls accommodating
Boys will be…
We know don’t we
So why can’t I lend
And make money
Seeing is believing… behind the lens

Won’t you all be reading?
My words set free
A guy maybe dreaming
But stories of she
Worth a lovely fee
And so I begin
To turn this key
Seeing is believing… behind the lens

It will bring me such glee
Yet you say I descend
I am the Marquis
Seeing is believing… behind the lens

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

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