Fear of rejection.

Standing back watching life go bye

Everything is perfect is your favorite lie

You have everything you ever wanted everything you need

Why need or ask for more why live life in greed

I see the pain and sorrow in your eyes

I know you have a soul that yearns to fly

Your fears of failure keep you down

Rejection stops you from the love you should have found

You have the cars you travel and you own expensive toys

Yet you still can’t seem to find life’s simple joy

It is easy for me to see the answers I am looking in

It is easy for me to say just do it just begin

But only you can find the happiness that belongs to you

Only you can decide it is something you need to do

I will keep smiling when you tell me how great things are

Maybe someday you will learn to trust and let down your guard

Let another into your world and trust they will always be there

Allow someone to love you and together build a life, a life you’ll share

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  • sandie on Aug 7, 2009

    good poem and respect people with walls around them, they are only defending their heart from being broken.

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