The girl is hot… what else is there to say, that I love her, I need her, and that there is no one else in the world; you don’t know how badly you wish I could say these things. Let Me Lie Next To Your Fire… for one night to be so warm.

Is love so dire?
Does the heart not tire?
Beating and entreating
Alone am I dreaming?
That someday I might
Be touched by Heaven’s Light
A day, a month, another year
You appear

Why men learn to fly
And I cry
This thirst of desire
Quenched so much higher
Than I have ever been
Such is my sin
I run and I chase
For such a taste

Want of a kiss
How I yearn for such bliss
Heaven I find
Lost in your eyes
I’m freed from the mire
Can’t I admire?
Paradise divine
Could you be mine?

Love is without reason
Dreaming of a season
In the dark of night
Would you be that light
Beside me, to guide me
Whoever could I be?
Boy made Sire
You do inspire

As the dragon and phoenix
To be blessed so I attest
Love will find a way
Tonight, tomorrow, someday
On Cupid’s lips “No”
Yet this moment could be so
Like Hendrix I do
Let me lie next to your fire

Copyright © 2012, Will A. Bradford Jr. All rights reserved.

Liked it
  • momofplenty on Jul 27, 2012

    Your work seems so lonely..

  • Chris Bailie on Jul 27, 2012

    Nicely written, thank you for sharing.

  • avissado on Jul 29, 2012

    mesmerizing…beautiful lines

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