This is for all the people who wont stop believing that everything will turn out fine after all that happened whether they’re already on the brink of giving up, believe coz everything will be alright eventually..

dark nights and cloudy mornings,
all this truths we’ve missed,
as we stare at black smokes and colored sparks,
a thousand dreams shatters as bombs begins the blast..

too much noise drowned our voices,
eyes wide shut as we tried not to see them,
blood came prickling down before our wounded minds,
sanity slowly fails as planes start the crash..

someday when its all over,
we can let the hope start again,
feed this world with flame red love,
take the pain away and heal our hearts,
stitch up wounds and shed off broken skins,
but let this scars mark what we’ve become,
let this scars be our sacred seal..

black seas and bloody mountains,
the meaning of peace shall slowly fade,
never let it happen if we could force it,
lets keep faith and hope entwined still together..

(repeat chorus)

we all live complicated lives,
we all made mistakes at times,
no doubt we’ve all been slaves of demons at a point,
it has never been a question of who’s flawed or not,
its the simple fact that we all just need another chance..

(repeat chorus)

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