There is a time of joy, a time of sorrow, a time of grief but tonight it is a time to celebrate Life..Christ is born, all is born, you and me. Is this not enough reason to celebrate? Indeed it is!

Silent night , Holy night , all is calm ,all is bright ( I am singing in bad tune…) ohhhh myyyyyyyy it’s….

 9:00  p.m. now  , 3 more hours to go and it’s Christmas…..Merry , Merry Christmas to all the people across the globe..for all my friends from East to West , from South to North.  White .fair ,tan any color from all walks of life , come and lets do the countdown ….and…

     sing ,

     dance ,

     eat ,

     shout ,





    lets celebrate life …

    let us celebrate Christmas….wooooooooo

P.s, Before starting your celebration  ,let us first pray and offer this celebration to those who are in deepest grief this very hour. Hope God will touch their hearts  , and somehow feel light in pain and more and more strenght in facing each painful day.

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