This is a poem about a young girl who is afraid of the man-made world. She finds a sanctuary in the natural world and wishes to stay there for an eternity.

Grass green and strong
tickles my toes
as I run 
through the endless fields

of every color
perfume the sweet air
golden, crisp

The sun just rising
warms my glowing face
I can’t stop smiling
my eyes twinkling

My feet
pitter-patter on the grass
covered in beads
early morning dew

Synchronized with
the sound of my feet hitting the ground
my heart leaps
through my chest I hear it

I am wrapped in the songs
of the birds
sweeping down
above my head

A light breeze begins to swirl
my golden hair
flying behind me
cooling my face

Yet I keep running
for where I belong

As I run
I see
the magnificent sky
putting on a show

The colors are spectacular
Pink, purple, blue and red
above my head
A fantastic display

And yet I run
but grow tired
at the edge
of the somber, quite woods

The tall, dark trees
tower over me
They frighten me
surround me

I do not wish to enter
I must turn back
I must run home again

Where is home
Home is not where I want to be
I belong here

With the birds
 soaring through the endless sky
singing in the trees
skipping through the clouds

With the breeze
dancing across the grass
brushing everything in my path
gently cooling the earth

With the trees
Hidden and silent
Yet wiser
with age

I will stay
forever I will stay
singing and laughing
until the end of my days

I wish to lie here
after a lifetime
of dancing in the rain
sleeping under the stars

Bury me under the warmest tree
when the leaves are turning gold
And there I will rest
with not a worry on my chest

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