This is a poem that helped me find myself as I wrote it.

As days grow older they seem to get shorter and life as we know it gets harder and harder. And we try our best to hide the pain, on the outside it’s different inside it’s the same. People look at us and think, “I wish I was that happy, but what we’re really thinking is too depressing and nasty. While we try so hard to give and please we really think, “Well, what about me?” And no matter what things never change, our minds get cloudy, we feel deranged. We each have that one childhood tragedy that pushes us into a deeper depravity. But things do get better and grey skies do turn blue, smiles creep up on faces and wise words turn true. And we wish and wish with all we’ve got, until our storybook ending gets back kn the plot. And when we look up at the stars at the end of the day, God holds his arms out, smiles, and says, “Everything will be okay.”

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