This is an poem about a girl that is a really beautiful person. However, she doesn’t think that she is beautiful because of her appearence. People use her by getting money from her and having her complete their homework. This girl finally realized that Rita was her only true friend. She also realize that she only neeeded to make small changes to her appearance because she was already beautiful.

As I nourished blinded from infant to adult hood and could not see
Jokes and parties was not my thing to do for I was just being me
Life values in my big heart and fragile mind make me feel free
Events happened fast and although at the door I don’t have a key

I stand 5feet tall and very, very small with big glasses with a fog
I have big feet and a big heart of gold and my inside is genuine
I live in the country with horses, chickens, cows, and one hog
Only if one could see past my shattered look would I ever shine

I have but one friend other than the animas that I groom and feed
I give cookies, baskets, and money to many girls at my school
I help them with their homework when I should be planting seed
My one friend treats me with respect but tell me that I’m a fool

One day Rita, my friend gave me a big life changing advise
She told me to go see a skin doctor and get contacts for eyes
Rita said you got everything, open your eyes and see twice
Rita last words in her wheel chair was “you are very wise”

Rita visited me often in my dreams showing me what I could be
I took her advice immediately and I was beautiful inside and out
She made me realize that all my inter beauty was the whole me
If I could climb a tall mountain I would go to the top and shout

I am very happy today because I see life in a very different way
The way that I look and dress was only a part that you may see
Rita was a real friend and I was a fool but I graduated today
I was blind but now I can see life changes was always up to me

Liked it
  • Gwen on Feb 2, 2007

    WOW! I really like this one!

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