Banned Poet.

The most controversial poetry E-book is now available for just a dollar. This is a limited time offer. Want to know the poem that got Hyper Jake banned from a community? Read this E-Book and you will be shocked to see poems with uncensored content. “The Banned Poet” features a collection of Hyper Jake’s sickest poems; most of them are erotic, violent, controversial, and real. Its regular price is $7.00 but now you can buy it for $1.00! This offer will only last for a week so download your copy now in the Fliprap shop.

Want to see 1 of the poems featured in the Banned Poet? Read Women Who Can’t Cook Are Like Dragons Who Can’t Breathe Fire now

Get “The Banned Poet” now before the sale ends!

Note: If you’re easily-offended by crude humor, do not download this book as it contains very explicit material.

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