How to destroy me.

At 19 most men feel invincible.

Drinking straight hard-liquor by the bottle.

Snorting concentrated toxic powder.

4 Wheeling in unexplored sand dunes.

Driving 3 to 4 hours to meet a bitch,

Fuck her, and drive back just in time

for work.


But every super-human has a flaw.


For my old buddy Will, it was the

combination of alcohol and Aderol.

It took him down in the middle of the

night on New Year’s Eve.


Women will be the death of me.


I have survived through situations

that would kill 999 out of 1000 people.

I have been held over a bottomless crevice

by Satan, gripping my right arm and God,

my left.

As they smile and nod at each other,

their grip vanishes.


I am still alive.

Constantly falling, I wait for

my murderer.


She will be there to catch me

before I parish.

Just to crush my brain and

gouge out my heart.


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  • Night Story on Apr 23, 2010

    Ouch, this is cold and down, but Ilike it, for it is truth and truth is always a beautiful thing.

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