Sometimes we never realize that our daughters are so lonely, I wrote this poem for all the parents with small daughters and also for the little girls.. :-D .

Little girl kisses her mum before school

As she hops through the gates to her class

She smiles and greets everyone with a jolly “hello”

Enthusiastic as she looks forward to her day

Thinking today will be the day i finally make a friend

Little girl kisses her mum goodnight

Tells her “i love you”

But she cries all alone

As she sits up on her bed in the dark of the night

Staining her pillow

Closing her eyes

As she dreams of a better life

A life where she has friends

A life were other kids like her

A life where kids don’t think she is weird or awkward

She is all alone

All that she wants

Is someone to like her…

Liked it
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