About real love and the little moments that should count.

Watching the sunset, watching the skies turn red and orange

Dance in the night, while it’s raining lightly, this is the perfect moment

This is what love should be about, little moments

Looking into each other eyes, just smiling and laughing about nothing

This is what love should look like, these are the moments that counts

Always remember those long walks, listening to music together

Riding to nowhere, saying stupid jokes and blushing

Holding each other every night, crying tears, both happy and sad

I love you, those words keep me alive every night and day

Sitting on the couch just talking, just talking about life

The way you hold his hand, the way he kisses your lips

Kisses them lightly and sweetly, these are the little moments I live for

You take my breath away when you smile, you let me be me

I live for each morning when you wake me with a kiss and smile

Love the times when we’re cuddling in each other arms

You whisper “ I’m never gonna leave you “ and I get all dizzy

When I cry and you tell me it’s gonna be ok

After a long day of work you come home and there’s a back rub waiting for you

Do you know that the little moments mean more to me then anything?

I love you, so many ways to say it, many ways to show it

I stay up till you get home from work at midnight, just so I can get my goodnight kiss

You’re my love, you’ve shown me a new world

And for that I thank you for being in my life

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