I wrote this poem about a women I knew, whom uses and takes advantages of all persons she will not accept or admit the evils and sins that she commits, and she acts as though she is such a good moral person.

How do you live with yourself

When you are walking down the street

How do you live with yourself

When you tell lies to the people that you meet.

Don’t you know that’s it’s not loyalty

When you go from one man to another

Don’t you think that it’s also disrespectful

When you tell others that you are a good mother.

You have cheated on all of your husbands

And also your boyfriends when you begged for help

Honestly how can you believe you done nothing wrong

Tell me again, how can you live with yourself.

Don’t you know that it is a mortal sin

To live a life the way that you do

Telling your children that you done no wrong

Do you really want them to respect or be like you.

You live as a user and an adulterous

While others say you live a life as a tramp and a whore

And you have your children watching you sin

How can you live with yourself any more.

Are you happy with the deeds you have done

Even with the ones you have done many times before

Are you not tired of lying and making up stories

Dont you understand why with people you they ignore.

You still put on your act with people that you meet

You will not tell them the truth about yourself

If they knew too the evil and sin you commited

They would also tell you that you are going to hell.

So close your conscience and live your lie

And act like you care for others and them you want to help

But all you care is for yourself and only you

And ask GOD please, how can you live with yourself.

Randy L. McClave

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