A poem.

In a word


to ease the awkwardness

we hold towards each other,

a simple “hi”

is a lighted passageway

especially when accompanied with a smile

But we are comfortable

as humans

to be

and to seem mysterious

to appear to lead a double life

as if dangerous

in a way

The many “wanna-be” spies

cold hearted killers

highly intellectual scholars

pretentious sexual gods

and so on

are most generally

and most simply

just your “average Joe”

It’s our own self defense mechanism

to ward off other evils

of such magnitude

that even the religious door knockers

drop their candles in awe

Simply put we are afraid of ourselves

in the eyes of others

and loneliness

is the side affect


Liked it
  • SowmyaT on Jan 27, 2011

    Nice poem

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