A lonely girl is insisting her lover to walk along.

I love the one who is away from me

I strived for him through years, just to see


The miserable longings of the day;

The blues of the nights are hard to say


Kiss my eyebrows, play with my hair

I suffer alone, don’t leave me here


I have been waiting for you so long

Hanging on the phone, sleeping alone


Walk along this Lover’s street

Thy mind will shiver, but not thy feet


If I toss, heads are your courtesy,

I will accept the tails till eternity


This voracity is not working, I will descent

Will again read one-sided letters sent


Eyes will not cry, only the heart

Tides depart, after they hurt

Why should I scream for those tides?

Which were never mine!!!

Liked it
  • Aashish on Aug 15, 2012


  • saroj on Aug 21, 2012

    Good one

  • elee on Sep 8, 2012

    brilliant display of knowledge Thanks for sharing. :)

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