A few poems on the loneliness that seems to come with dating.


Is my friend
The only one
Who listens
Is my life
The one friend
I can count on
To never leave me
Will always be there
The one I can
Always count on

True Love

True love
Doesn’t exist
It’s a pack of lies
Designed to make
One believe in miracles
True love
Makes you doubt yourself
So you give up hope
For a love that
Never existed
To begin with
True love
Is a myth
A fairytale
For romantics
For those who are
Desperate to hold onto something
True love
Shouldn’t expect one
To give up everything
For the promise
Of happiness
Just to be with the one you love
True love is
Full of bologna
And should never be relied on
To base one’s happiness on
Give up on true love
Because it doesn’t exist
And never did!

Lost Hope

May never be here
Year of waiting
Stop this insane madness
Waiting for something never to happen
Every hope gone
Every bit of faith lost
Turn back time just to forget he ever existed
Baby is gone forever
Always making promises that will never be fulfilled
Baby is still gone forever
Years of waiting—never to meet Ever!

“Emptiness in Full Bloom” – Eihei Dogen (Photo credit: sara biljana)

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