Misteaks in love.

* I took for granted the love of the only person that stayed true;

Even when she was the only person to listen when i didnt know what to do.

* All the signs where given as I ignored them all;

I was out running the streets instead of picking up her calls.

* I dont know why it was till I was about to loose her that i open my eyes to see;

She suffers from the same pain and deals with it exactly like me.

* I just pray that she hears me when I say that I truely understand;

And that i know i only got this one chance to be the greatest man.

* Fellas dont let loose they pride enough to show they ladies that they really care;

Im puting her before my pride in hope that she see my heart truely belongs to her.



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  • V Frost on Mar 13, 2009

    I hope you gave this to her. Its sweet…

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